Rodgers PR-300 USB


PR-300 Floppy Disk to USB Drive Conversion 

Yamaha MDF2 & MDF3 Conversion


Syndyne Pro-Filer

Rodgers Organ Books


Now with Remote ControlCompact, easy to use
Music stored on a removable USB drive
Designed and built by in the USA
Syndyne - supplying organ industry for more than 50 years
Simple to set up - just plug in midi cables.
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Rodgers Organ books, music and training 

Rodgers User’s email Discussion Group

 Rodgers User’s Group on Facebook

MIDI Music

Bach By Immersion - Major Collection of Bach Organ Works in MIDI with learning files
HYMNS recorded in MIDI for organ

MIDI church and classical music for organ

SYNDYNE Pro-Filer 
MIDI Hymn Player with Remote Control for any organ with MIDI. 

Chant & Organ Music

The Catholic Organist’s Quarterly
GREGORIAN Chant for beginners

CATHOLIC Choir & Organ Music

Easy Music for Organ & Carillon, Chimes or Bells.

Custom hymnal engraving, layout and publishing for parishes.


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