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On this page you will find almost everything we publish and sell, starting with books for Catholic Organists, Choir and Chant groups, followed by guides to playing Rodgers (and Roland) church organs and MIDI. 

We offer a free Forum for Rodgers Organ Users as well.

 After that section we list MIDI files that play the organ.  These can be re-channeled for any organ with MIDI by us, just contact us for information.

After that section you will find 2 CD's that make it possible to hear historic temperaments played on the organ and harpsichord.

Providing hymns for the organ in MIDI for churches that are between organists is a special project we are involved in.  Learn more about that here.

Need a sequencer to replace an MR-200 to play the organ hymns and music for you?
Read about it here.

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A Catholic Organist’s Series - More information HERE

          Order A Catholic Organist's Guide to Playing Hymns  

          Order A Catholic Organist's Book of Hymns

          Order Looking for Organists in All the Wrong Places

          Order Playing the Church Organ

          Order Eucharistic Hymns - Benediction - Hymns To Mary

Catholic Choral Music   - More information HERE

         5 books and an Anthology  for your choir - a complete choir book of anthems & hymns

          Order The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1

          Order The Catholic Choirbook I

          Order The Catholic Choirbook 2

          Order The Catholic Choirbook 3

          Order The Catholic Choirbook 4

          Order The Catholic Choirbook 5

Gregorian Chant

          Order If You Can Sing “Joy to the World” You Can Learn To Read & Sing Gregorian Chant                  ...................... Free Video Lessons

          Order A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Student

          Order A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Teacher

          Order Ein Gregorianik Ausmalbuch fur Kinder ünd Erwachsene 

          Order A Beginner's Guide To Reading Gregorian Chant Notation

          Order Guia para Principiates en Canto Gregoriano Escritura

          Order A Beginner's Guide To Singing Gregorian Chant Notation, Rhythm and Solfeggio
          PLUS - all free
          Gospel Alleluias in Anglican Chant - New Revised Grail Texts Free Download
Responsorial Psalms in Anglican Chant - New Revised Grail Psalms Free Download
          Lessons for Singing Anglican Chant Free 

Custom Parish Hymnals


Playing Rodgers & Roland Organs  - More information HERE

          Order Playing Guide to the Rodgers PDI Organs

          Order Playing Guide to the Rodgers Insignia and Allegiant Organs

          Order A Playing Guide To The Rodgers Trillium Organs

          Order Playing the Church Organ  Complete 5 book series
               Mastering playing the current Rodgers Classic, Artist and Infinity Organs.
          Order Music for Organ & Carillon, Chimes or Handbell Choir

          Organ Music available on Sheet Music Plus

MIDI & Rodgers Organs  - More information HERE

          Order Rodgers PR-300 MIDI MODULE  Floppy to USB Conversion

          Order Syndyne Pro-Filer Sequencer Records and plays an organ automatically.

          Order Playing MIDI Live at the Rodgers Organ

          Order Playing MIDI Live At The Rodgers Insignia & Allegiant Organs and the MX-200

          Order Playing MIDI Live At The Rodgers PDI Organs and the MX-200

          Order Playing Midi Live At The Rodgers Trillium Organ & Mx-200 Midi Module

          Order Using Your PR-300 USB Emulator & Software

          Order Using The Rodgers PR-300 MIDI Voice Module & Sequencer

          Order Using the Roland Integra-7 - Playing the Church Organ Book 10 

          Order Using the Roland Integra-7 Playing the Church Organ Book 10a Organs Prior-2010

MIDI MUSIC Files for Organs - Downloads
          Will these files work with your organ? Click HERE          

          Order 50 Baroque Organ Works Unregistered VOLUME 1

          Order 50 Baroque Organ Works Unregistered VOLUME 2

          Order Organ Works of Eugene Gigout

          Order The Quiet Bach for the Rodgers Organs

          Order Chorale Preludes of Max Reger

          Order Complete Organ Works of Johann Sebastian Bach

          Order Froberger and De Grigny Organ Works

MIDI MUSIC Files for Organ Solo with MIDI Orchestral Accompaniment
          Download all the MIDI files for previewing.

ORGAN MUSIC  based on Hymns  including Hymn Introductions on Familiar Hymns
          Order All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name - Ken Williams

          Order Hymn Introductions & Verses - Richard Van Auken          

          Order 14 Organ Introductions and Verses - Richard Van Auken

          Order  25 Introductions & Verses on Familiar Hymn Tunes  for Organ  - Richard Van Auken

          Order  201 Hymn Tune Preludes for Organ, Piano or Keyboard - Mark Winchester

          Order  Sketches on Well-Known Hymn Tunes - Noel Jones

MUSIC FOR ORGAN and Carillon, Chimes or Handbell Choir

          Complete list of all 10 books Includes order links.


          Order The Temperamental Bach & Mr. Purcell CD’s 
           Landmark recordings comparing tuning temperaments

MIDI Recording of Music for Church Services

          Can’t Find an Organist? 

          Order Looking for Organists in All the Wrong Places

Other Projects

          Order 17 Pieces for Unaccompanied Cello - Baroque Era - Annie Camp, Editor

          Cello Scores published for Teachers

          Stave Breakthrough™ 
          Turns reading music into thinking music™.

          The Bow-Right ™ Cellodapter

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