Hymns recorded in MIDI

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• Hymns & Anthems, Predludes & Postludes

We provide recordings of hymns and anthems for your church, using your hymnal and music.  Hymns usually cost $15, anthems $25-50 depending on length and difficulty.

You hire us to record and the MIDI recording becomes your property to use as long as you like. 

We suggest that every church consider have a snow day set of hymns and liturgy, one for funerals and even one for weddings.  The wedding one can be used for wedding rehearsals, then the organist can arrive and play the wedding live - saving them the time of sitting through wedding rehearsals!

The playing is down-to-earth, solid playing.  If you prefer high-church with lots of stop changes and musical frills added, we can provide that as well.

In addition we also have a book that teachers you how to find someone to run the MIDI module…and even become a new organist.

Standard Version

Catholic Parish Edition

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Noel Jones, AAGO