Playing the Chuch Organ

Playing the Church Organ
Catholic Parish Edition
Turning Pianists into Organists 

[Available in Spanish below]

¡Tocando el Órgano de la Iglesia!  
[Playing the Church Organ in Spanish]
     Convertir Pianistas en Organistas
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Traditional American Spanish Hymns and Preludes Easy to Play for Organ or Keyboard

26 Acompañamientos Fáciles de Himnos y Preludios para Órgano o Teclado
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     Notes and Organ Registrations in Spanish & 


How to play hymns!
A Catholic Organist’s Guide to Playing Hymns  2nd Edition Webpage

     NPM Magazine Review
     Arthur Dobrucki Review

Over 200 easy Catholic hymns to play
A Catholic Organist’s Book of Hymns  2nd Edition Webpage
     NPM Magazine Review
     Henry Gaida 
     Victoria Brandt Corpus Christi Watershed Review

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Organist Quarterly Series 
 4 books of Organ Music for Manuals for the entire Liturgical Year.

Click HERE to see all four books!

Eucharistic Hymns - Benediction - Hymns To Mary 
Old Hymns,various versions of the Tantum Ergo sung in US catholic churches.

Catholic Choral Music
Bulk discounts available for Choirs & Classes

The Catholic Choirbook Anthology 1    
[the most useful Anthems from the following 5 books with an added hymn section]
     NPM Magazine Review

The Catholic Choirbook I

The Catholic Choirbook 2

The Catholic Choirbook 3

The Catholic Choirbook 4

The Catholic Choirbook 5

Gregorian Chant 
Bulk discounts available for Choirs & Classes 

A Beginner's Guide To Reading Gregorian Chant Notation

A Beginner's Guide To Singing Gregorian Chant Notation, Rhythm and Solfeggio

Guia para Principiates en Canto Gregoriano Escritura

Gregorian Chant Blank Staff Notebook

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Students

Ein Gregoriana Ausmalbuch fur Kinder ünd Erwachsene

A Gregorian Chant Coloring Book For Children & Adults - Teachers

If You Can Sing “Joy to the World” You Can Learn To Read And Sing Gregorian Chant

Invisible Organist™

Solving the Organist Shortage - Using MIDI to Play an Organ & Create New Organists

Looking for Organists in all the Wrong Places