Roland C-330/380 Books

The Books!

Book 1: • Look Inside Pages   
10 Preset stop combinations preset for you. 

Music: 1-34 of playable organ music without pedals for church services.
Evetything you need to know to operate and play the organ with confidence.

$34.95 printed.
$24.95 download. 
Click here for German, Japanese, Portuguese and C-200 versions

Book 2: • Look Inside Pages 
Add 19 more classic organ registrations.
Using preset Voice Palette™ and USER stops with different styles of service music.
Music: 35-63 pieces of music for manuals alone some with optional pedal parts.
$34.95 printed.  
 $24.95 download.

Book 3: • Look Inside Pages 
Setting and using Voice Palette™ stops 
Music 64-88 of music for manuals alone with some optional pedal parts.
Developing organ technique used by famous organists.
Adding style to your playing.
Learning how to pick and choose from the organ stop families.
$34.95 printed.    
$24.95 download.

Book 4: • Look Inside Pages Exploring the USER/LIBRARY stops
Voicing these stops including: 
Volume - Pitch  - Reverb - Warmth - Presence - Brilliance - Velocity
Pieces 89-115 including recital pieces with registrations and playing help.
$34.95 printed.   
$24.95 download.

Book 13: • Look Inside Pages 
Operating  controls, and what they do for you as an organist.
This supplements the C-330/380 Owner’s Manual.
$34.95 printed.   
$24.95 download.

It was obvious from the first day that the Roland C-300 organs were very powerful and required more than just a simple owner’s manual to assist organs in mastering and fully enjoying the music making possible with these organs.

I decided to not create one huge book that would intimidate organists and instead create a simple set of books that work step by step to introduce the organs. The music included serves to increase your repertoire in a variety of styles and all with registrations that suit the music.

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